For a long time, I was angry at you, angry for all those moments when you weren’t there for me when I was growing up and for all those faults you made towards your best friend and my mother. This anger ate me up, swallowed me, spat me back out, and rolled me back up and threw me back into the mix.

It all came to a tipping point on that day in 2015 — the last time that I saw you in person. Frail and vulnerable like I had never seen. Part of me couldn’t take it. It scared…

Before Lonely Planet my father, Geoff Crowther, who also went on to be a founding author at Lonely Planet, ran an underground travel guide publishing house named BIT from 1970–1980. This word-for-word introductory extract is from the last published BIT guide in 1980. It’s a fascinating insight into what the underground travel scene was like before mass-produced travel guides, and the Internet was available.

The first edition” of this guide, which became known as the “Bible of the East”, saw the grey light of dawn back in 1970 as one of BIT Information & Help Service’s free hand-outs. Put…

We spent a lot of time inside last year. No one needs a reminder of the reason. The list below are the books I read this year in alphabectical order — also, some that I had the chance to re-read.

Here’s to hoping you find something of value and interest in this list below. Stop squandering your brain power and attention on devices and platforms that give nothing and only take.

21 Lessons for the 21st Century — by Yuval Noah Harari

A wonderful collection of essays placed into a book by Yuval Noah Harari on some of the biggest…

14 April 2020

It is no stretch to say that life across the globe changed during March and April 2020. The pandemic caused by Coronavirus blanketed the globe and no country was spared from the consequences the infectious plague. A global wave of quarantines, social distancing practices, and work from home initiatives was called, and in many cases, forced upon people. The gravity of the situation was unprecedented. However, for hundreds of millions, these suggestions and policies weren’t an option. …

Ashley Crowther

Aussie documentary photographer focusing on environmental and social development issues. Currently in South Korea.

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